Nintendo Wii Mini available Dec. 7

The new Wii Mini comes with everything you see here, and is a complete redesign of the original Wii console at a cheaper price. PHOTO COURTESY FUTURE SHOP

If you’re finally settling in to your new Nintendo Wii U consoles, or you’re looking to get into Nintendo products at a cheap price, a new “smaller” Wii will be made available in December, just in time for Christmas.

For just $99.99, you can get the new Nintendo Wii Mini system on Dec. 7, and Future Shop started accepting pre-orders today, as reported on their website.

The package comes with the smaller console, and a Wii nunchuk with WiiMotionPlus technology. The console has a square frame, with a large Wii logo on the top on a black surface with a glossy finish, and comes with a red casing.

The console is meant to lay flat, so the Wii image faces the ceiling. The console is complete with two triangular buttons on the top; one is a power button, and the other opens the console from the top in order to lay the disk inside.

With files from Future Shop


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