Valve’s Steam Box set to compete with PS4 and Xbox 720


In an earlier article on GTA Gamers a few months ago, we told you of Valve’s plans to build a “Steam Box” like console that would be equipped to compete with next-gen home consoles. At the time, we had seen early screenshots and drawing plans of what the company wanted to build, but now, it appears the rumors are true.

Gabe Newell recently came forward to confirm Valve is in the process of creating a Steam Box to compete with Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 720, according to an article in the Examiner.

The console plans to be released as early as Q1 2013, which means it could be seen between January and March.

The system will most likely run on a modified OS, which will have the primary purpose of running an optimized version of Steam and providing a highly optimized experience with the hardware given.

The early release bracket could see the Steam Box getting the jump on its competitors, but we’ll know about the Steam Box when more information surfaces.

With files from the Examiner

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