Rock Band ends its weekly DLC

COURTESY - Harmonix

COURTESY – Harmonix

This is big…this is really big. It may not be big to you regular gamers out there, but for you music lovers, like myself, who’ve committed to checking weekly DLC, you may be sadly disappointed.

After 5 years, Harmonix has decided to stop shipping weekly DLC to one of its biggest series, Rock Band.

Mark April 2nd on your calendars, because the music will end there.

John Drake, Harmonix’s Director of Communications and Brand Management, had this to say about the end of DLC.

Aaron Trites, Manager of Community Development at Harmonix, said the company is shifting gears and focusing on new titles in development, and at this point we can only presume that there will be a next-gen or Kinect-based project in the works.

Regardless, Drake’s tweets bring up an excellent point – there are more than 2,000 songs in the catalog that are up for grabs, so no matter what, Harmonix will continue to make their money off of the DLC that already exists on the online library. No doubt, there are probably¬†a few songs that have been out for a few months or years that we may have missed out on that we could return to and finally claim.

No doubt, we will likely cover this on a much larger note in our next Stardust Drive Podcast. So stay tuned for future updates.

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