The future of GTA Gamers…and it’s not bleak

You may have noticed that in the last year, writers have disappeared off the sidebar ever so slowly, and as well, our site has not only been expressing a lack of traffic, but a lack of content.

That’s partially due to the lack of contributors needed to keep the site looking alive and well.

However, we’re not throwing in the towel just yet. No, no.

We are in fact making some slight changes that we’re hoping will make the site much more lively, fresh and perhaps give it that jump-start it needs.

First off, you may have noticed in the last week or so that the site now has a fresh, new look. That’s just Step 1 in the rejuvenating process.

Step 2 involves getting our name out there. Yes, that tedious process that doesn’t involve knocking on people’s doors, but in fact pushing and pushing the brand through social media as much as we physically can, and urging friends, acquaintances and colleagues to spread the word.

WordPress is a tricky system to maneuver for some newcomers, but I’m making it easier. Being the webmaster, I will be doing most of the handywork in terms of postings and running the various sites, but “guest contributors” will hopefully help provide content that will keep the site as lively as can be on a regular basis.

“Guest contributors” are like the writers we had, but on a part-time basis. Unpaid, and not tied to the site’s name, guest contributors can submit articles to myself for editing, and I can post it directly to the site, with your name embedded in the text, and I can help promote a contributor’s work to the world.

This should make it easier to manage content coming in on the site.

If you are interested in guest contributing to GTA Gamers. Here’s how you can do so:

Send me an e-mail at “”. If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you can personal message me declaring your interest and attaching files of your work from a Word document. If you are a viewer of the site who happens to see this and is interested in writing, e-mail me with the tagline “GTA Gamers contributing”, or something along those lines.

Tell me a little about yourself, and send me your ideas. If you have any pieces, I’d be happy to take a look at them and post them for you! I’m all about promotion, I’m currently relying on it, in fact.

And hey, we also have Facebook and Twitter. So please, follow us there as well.

And let’s not forget Youtube. If you have video content, it works the same as Word docs. I can post videos to the Youtube channel as long as it pertains to the content of the site.

Anyways, that’s my brief update. Hope to see your work!

-William Kee, EIC, GTA Gamers

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