Unreleased SEGA console; photos revealed

The bottom of the console, with the words “Pluto – 2”

An alleged former SEGA employee under the username “Super Magnetic” posted photos of an unreleased SEGA console known as the “SEGA Pluto”.

In a post on the Assembler Games Forum, the user states that the Pluto is a Sega Saturn console with a Netlink modem built into the system, weighing 2.8 kg with two controller ports, a flip-top drive bay and cart slot.

However, the machine still carries the original Sega Saturn logo on top, as seen in the photo below.

The Pluto console still has the Sega Saturn logo on the top of the disk tray

The Pluto console still has the Sega Saturn logo on the top of the disk tray

The really amazing thing is that there are only two known prototypes of the hardware in existence, according to this anonymous former employee. The device the forum member is currently holding is in working order and can play NTSC US Sega Saturn games. The Netlink modem was compatible with a number of Sega Saturn titles like Saturn Bomberman and Virtual-On.

The former employee included a number of angled shots of the console as proof of its existence, and went into a little history on his departure from SEGA years ago.

“Employee turnover is a sad theme, and the Sonic Reaper (as we call him) strikes all too frequently. As such, the past gets forgotten quickly — treasures from the previous generation are quickly cast aside, as a new regime tries to make a name for themselves (or justify their existence). As such, some of said treasures get left on laid-off-peoples’ desks. And in a beautiful twist of fate, this beauty ended up finding its way to my desk, and then in a box with the rest of my stuff when I left Sega.”

So leave a comment. Do you think this is a legit console, or perhaps another stranger looking for his fifteen minutes of online fame?

With files from GameSpot and Assembler Games Forum

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