Marketing picture reveals more Batman: Arkham Origins villains

It’s a little blurry, and it definitely looks like a “Where’s Waldo” type of thing, but if you look close enough, you could spot more villains that have been revealed for the new “Batman: Arkham Origins” game.



This obviously wasn’t done by accident since it was a point of sale marketing display.

According to CVG, the villains you can find in the photo include Joker, Bane, Killer Croc, Scarecrow and Deadshot, all of which have appeared in prior Batman: Arkham games.

This adds to the already confirmed small roster that is Deathstroke, Black Mask and Penguin.

So staying true to the Arkham series, it looks like Batman might once again be tussling with more villains than he can shake a stick at.

The game was announced earlier this month, and is under development by Warner Montreal, not Rocksteady this time around.

It is a prequel story that touches upon a younger, unrefined Batman on a Christmas Eve night encountering many supervillains for the first time and dealing with “eight of the world’s best assassins” trying to hunt him down.

The game has been confirmed for an October 25th release date on current-gen consoles.

With files from CVG

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