Stardust Drive Podcast Episode #9: The Newbies

stardust drive banner resized

First podcast since February, but this is also considered an experimental podcast….and here’s why.

Back when I made the post about the future of GTA Gamers, I had mentioned how we’re going to be running highly on guest contributions. I’ve found that it gets harder to grab the same cast of familiar faces for the podcast every month back to back, and so in an effort to try and return Stardust Drive back to the forefront of GTA Gamers, we’re going to experiment with bringing in more guest hosts to round out the podcast and fill in for missing persons.

This time around, in our first iteration with the new plans, we’ve brought in former contributors Adam Pahor and David Penny to fill in for Anthony Cusimano and Chris Kuzmin for this podcast, in an effort to showcase more personalities and to change things up a bit moving forward. We’ll be playing around with a number of different podcast guest hosts, however the same four you see in the above photos from Podcast 1 will always remain the true hosts. But it’ll be an easier way to provide more content on a regular basis rather than waiting several months for another podcast to come together with the same people.

We discuss the Xbox One reveal (more like rip into it), David shares his review on the Venom comic, we discuss what Rare will potentially be bringing to E3, we discuss Iron Man 3, and as well, we discuss updates on the Perish Song movie that GTA Gamers has been focused on these past few months.

So here’s Episode 9, featuring myself, Carter Kee, Adam Pahor and David Penny. Hope you enjoy!

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