Squadron 1337 series premiere!

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Squadron 1337 is the first series to be created under the name, “Stardust Drive Productions”, and also the creators’ first attempt at a machinima.

In case you missed it, we just debutted our very first Stardust Drive Productions mini-series, and it’s a Halo: Reach machinima.

Episode 1 of Squadron 1337 dropped on Tuesday, and features nine characters from the original written OAARVB and RBG written script series, but this time in a completely new story.

In Episode 1, we are introduced to our soldiers after the Reds get done with a pretty epic takedown mission of a UNSC traitor within the system who was an enemy of Captain McCloud’s. Featuring the voices of William Kee, Carter Kee, Anthony Cusimano, Chris Kuzmin, Emily Rzeznicki, David Penny, Adam Pahor, and Chris Wylotek.

So far, we have three episodes planned out, and depending on the mini-series’ success, we have plans to expand the series even further.

So tune in to Episode 1 and tell us what you think. We are heavily inspired by the lovable Red vs Blue series made by RoosterTeeth.

Episode 1: The Misfits

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