Stardust Drive Podcast Episode #12: The Minus Carter Podcast

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Carter is away from this podcast, and in his place we acquire Adam Pahor and David Penny to fill the empty void that was left behind by Carter’s glorious laughter.

We’ve been away for a few months, and since some of us were on reading week from college, we decided to take advantage of the break to record a podcast, as well as try a few new things.

For example, we recorded audio separate from the video, so the audio is much better quality and picks up less surround sound that the video-turned-to-audio had shown.

As well, we have a new introduction, utilizing space music stock footage and edited voice intro.

AND to top it off, we’ve introduced a new segment in our podcast, called the Podcast Grand Star.

This month’s Grand Star is Grand Theft Auto V.

Podcast Grand Star: GTA V

Podcast Grand Star: GTA V

Here are some of the things we discussed:

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier OFFICIAL trailer
  • Batman: Arkham Origins drops Oct. 25th
  • Far Cry 4 teaser image. Rumor or truth?
  • Ellen Page may sue Sony over nude character depiction in Beyond: Two Souls
  • Godzilla 2012 Legendary Pictures trailer
  • PS4 vs. Xbox One – The console wars kick into high gear next month
  • Squadron 1337 Episodes 4-6 updates…

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