It’s the Simple Things…like picking up a camera


Simple Things is now available on Youtube in a Playlist. Season 1 consists of 26 videos.

Now let’s be frank…I know you don’t watch the Youtube channel as much as you should be. And I understand…

Sometimes, we just don’t have the content available at the ready that interests you, and that makes you scream, “Hey, I know Stardust Drive! They’re the ones that uh…do a podcast? And play games a lot? And upload those videos of them playing games, right?”

Well those things are all true, except for maybe the last one. We’ve tried to make uploading gameplay work in the past, but capture cards are just not up to speed for our epic-ness.

So for the past little while, we’ve had to make due by pushing content over here on our home site. Now don’t get me wrong, I am completely aware that 95% of the content produced on the site NOW is from the Stardust Drive Podcast, but we’re working on new things in the coming months…

Working on things that will improve the content we produce, and make more of it available to you, the consumer, on our Youtube channel as well as Stardust Drive’s main site.

But what you’ve probably also noticed in the past is a lot of unrelated junk videos that appear to be just moi and friends picking up a camera, waving it around, and possibly catching something completely unrelated to the site.

Well that my friends is a little something I’d like to call “Simple Things”. It’s a little like Rooster Teeth’s RT Life, but instead, we just avidly collect junk and launch it at you.

I was able to create a playlist for you to look back at the compilation of what I like to call “Season 1” of Simple Things. Playlist link is below.

As well, just for your eyes only, and for everyone else, we’re kicking off Season 2 with A Simple Shot of Everclear.

Hope you Enjoy!


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