Channel Updates – Winter 2014

Hi everybody! William here with a few updates regarding the coming months in terms of Stardust Drive Productions content.

Below is a video providing you a sense of what’s in store for the coming months from our regular schedule. We are experiencing a period of time where we are approaching a peak period of craziness. Not because of what’s happening here on the site, but because of what’s happening away from the site in terms of our own personal lives as well as school.

Banner for the Stardust Drive Podcast

Banner for the Stardust Drive Podcast

I’m just speaking from my own perspective, mainly because I am the one person that tends to be a common factor amongst any of the content that comes through the gate and lands on Youtube or I am responsible mainly for uploading, editing, producing and overseeing all content, so without me here, nothing will get done.

That’s not to say I’m not receiving any extra help, but for the time being, I’m the only person with access and knowledge to all the software to be able to create what you all see on Youtube. But hopefully that’ll change this year. So now for the updates!:

  • Cooking with Will videos will continue to happen. Based on the success of the mini-series, Cooking with Will will continue providing at least one new video a month MINIMUM.
  • Our two-year anniversary of Stardust Drive Productions is fast approaching! This Saturday on the 15th, we will be recording a special two-year podcast with regular contributors including myself, Carter Kee, Adam Pahor, David Penny and Jared Crispin.
  • Episode 4 of Comic Soup is hopefully (fingers crossed) currently in development. Stories are being gathered and the line-up is coming together. Of course that series is being headed by David Penny, so we’re probably aiming at late February/early March for that new episode.
  • SDP Shorts will continue, and are being headed by myself as well as David Penny. ‘The Dream Jump’ was the first episode of the second season of shorts, but we will make more. No tentative dates have been announced as many of the ideas are still being discussed.
  • Squadron 1337 Episodes 4-6 are back in production. Episode 4 is currently being edited together. Three more actors need to record their lines for the three episodes.


    A shot of the character, Innes, from Episode 3 of Squadron 1337

  • Plans for a video-game-review show are bouncing around. Inspiration is being taken from such celebrities like AVGN, Angry Joe, PeanutButterGamer and JonTron to name a few. However, the trick is to delve deeper, and really find an element that we can call our own.

Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll continue providing content so long as Youtube doesn’t shut us down!

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