Stardust Drive Podcast Episode #16 – The Five-Year Reflection Podcast

Banner for the Stardust Drive Podcast

Banner for the Stardust Drive Podcast

We decided to take a shot at David’s crib for this episode, so you’ll be slightly excited by the change of setting. However, this is usually the setting for Comic Soup, so it’s nothing new.

Either way, we are joined again by Host William, and co-hosts Carter, Adam and David as they discuss InFamous: Second Son, Sony’s Project Morpheus, 300: Rise of an Empire, and the Assassin’s Creed franchise among other things.

Host: William Kee
Co-Hosts: Adam Pahor, Carter Kee, David Penny
Audio Mixer/Editor: William Kee


PODCAST GRAND STAR: inFamous: Second Son discussion w/ Optional Play along (Adam, David)

GENERAL NEWS: Sony announced “Project Morpheus” at GDC 2014

GENERAL NEWS: Two Assassin’s Creed games coming in 2014; one set in Paris

GENERAL TOPIC: Alien: Isolation to take a subtle approach to its horror

WILLIAM DISCUSSION: The War is Mine – civilian war-survival game

WILLIAM DISCUSSION: Batman: Arkham Knight

DAVID/ADAM REVIEW: 300: Rise of an Empire

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