Stardust Drive Podcast Episode #17: The Big Easy Podcast

Banner for the Stardust Drive Podcast

Banner for the Stardust Drive Podcast

Eric makes his debut on the Stardust Drive Podcast, joining William, Carter and David this week.

The gang discusses Eric’s new channel, The Big Easy, as well as news about Facebook buying Oculus Rift, Ridley Scott producing a digital feature, and the subject of crossover DLC (including Predators-CoD Ghosts, as well as Sonic-Legend of Zelda).

Host: William Kee
Co-Hosts: Carter Kee, David Penny, Eric Wickham
Audio Mixer: David Penny
Editor: William Kee

GENERAL NEWS: Facebook buying Oculus Rift VR for $2 billion

GENERAL NEWS: Ridley Scott to produce a Halo ‘digital feature’

GENERAL NEWS: EA looks to ‘Batman Arkham’ franchise for their upcoming Star Wars games

GENERAL DISCUSSION:  Indiana Jones may get recast…Bradley Cooper leads the choices

GENERAL DISCUSSION: Sonic: Lost World gets ‘Legend of Zelda’ DLC

GENERAL DISCUSSION: Predator crossover DLC in COD: Ghosts

GENERAL DISCUSSION: Anything fool you on April Fool’s Day?

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