Stardust Drive Podcast Episode #26: The Last Unicorn Podcast

David, Carter and Will return for a night of unicorn-sex jokes, and near-death experiences at the hands of a vicious dog. The gang discuss The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the potential casting of Asa Butterfield as the new Spiderman (and possibly Matthew McConaughey as Norman Osborn), as well as the potential for a Red Dead Redemption sequel.

All that and more, on the Stardust Drive Podcast.

Host: William Kee
Co-Hosts: Carter Kee, David Penny
Audio Mixer: William Kee
Editor: William Kee


-Asa Butterfield entering final talks to play the new Spiderman, Matthew McConaughey courted for Norman Osborn…

-Red Dead sequel in the works?

-Most memorable boss fights in gaming

-E3 2015 – What are you hoping from this year’s E3?



JessTheNoob: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate announcement, do you think annual releases are too much? Also they may have interchangeable assassins (x2), much like in GTA V with three characters you can choose from.

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