William KeeWilliamKee

Founder / Producer and Host of ‘Stardust Drive Podcast’ / Head Video Editor

William is a graduate of both the Journalism program at Humber College, and film and television at Sheridan College. When he’s not busy scouring social media websites and watching other people’s lives, he’s works a pretty excited job as a Broadcast Associate. He has convinced most of his friends that he’s the Canadian equivalent of Spiderman. He is the regular host of the Stardust Drive Podcast, and brings his background of news-related content to the cast. William provides the voice of Red Squad leader “Lincoln” in the Halo Reach machinima mini-series, Squadron 1337, as well as the voice of “Trent Legostambos” in a Sims 2 machinima called Crystal Cove.

Favorite Games: 1. Rock Band (series), 2. Resident Evil: Outbreak (series), 3. Shadow of the Colossus, 4. The Warriors, 5. Spiderman 2 (movie-licensed game)

Follow on Twitter – @willkee


Anthony CusimanoAnthonyCusimano

Podcast Personality

Anthony is the regular funny-man and source of many jokes on the podcast – many of which he cannot recollect. Not only does he play games, but he creates them. A graduate of video game programming at Humber College, Anthony left his job slicing and serving up meats at a grocery store and found a very different living as a corporate telemarketer selling pens. His earliest memory of gaming involves playing Super Mario 3 with his sister. His afro probably houses other small afros. He enjoys loud and scary death metal music, setting himself on fire, and the occasional table-top RPG. Did I mention he’s a funny guy? Anthony provides the voice of Blue Squad leader “Innes” in the Halo Reach machinima mini-series, Squadron 1337.

Favorite Games: 1. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, 2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, 3. M.U.S.H.A., 4. Super Mario Bros. 3, 5. Snowboard Kids 2

Follow on Twitter – @TonyMadeThis


Carter KeeCarterKee

Podcast Personality

Since he was a kid, Carter has always enjoyed the feeling of a pencil in his fingers. A recent graduate of Visual and Digital Arts at Humber College, Carter is looking ahead to continuing his education and pursuing a potential career drawing concept art for animation and video games. He is an avid Starbucks lover, and writes and illustrates his own series called “The Asakura Chronicles”. He plays an abnormal amount of Pokemon Puzzle League to pass the time. Carter is a regular co-host of the Stardust Drive Podcast and brings his touch of creativity to the table. His laughter is rather unique. Carter provides the voice of “Dex” in the Halo Reach machinima mini-series, Squadron 1337.

Favorite Games: 1. Fire Emblem (series), 2. Soul Calibur(Series), 3. Pokemon (series), 4. Snowboard Kids 2, 5. Dynasty Warriors(Series)

Follow on Twitter – @CarterKee


Chris KuzminChrisKuzmin

Podcast Personality

Chris is definitely the most modern gamer aficionado of the podcasters, immersing himself into such titles like Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Battlefield and Rock Band during his high school years. Chris is a very outgoing personality, and tends to piss off Anthony by getting lost in his own thoughts or staring into space during the podcast. He secretly dislikes Will, but really, he loves him like a brother. If anything, Chris may or may not be the spark the lights Anthony’s fire, and the two of them make each other laugh and are the initiators of many of the jokes on the podcast. Chris is also an avid wearer of hats. He provides the voice of blue team soldier “Leeroy” in the Halo Reach machinima mini-series, Squadron 1337. Also, he’s sort of addicted to Starbucks.

Favorite Games: 1. Magic: The Gathering (XBLA), 2. Super Smash Bros. series, 3. Left 4 Dead series, 4. CoD Modern Warfare series, 5. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

Follow on Twitter – @Chris_Kuzmin


David PennyDavidPenny

Podcast Personality / Producer and Host of ‘Comic Soup’

If it has mechs and Kaiju monsters, David is all over it. David’s earliest memory of gaming comes on the Nintendo Entertainment System with Super Mario Bros.. He will be attending Sheridan College in the fall for General Arts and Science, but like most of the other core contributors, slaves away his many days as a grocery clerk. David ships Marvel Comics over DC. He is also big into anime. David provides the voice of “Johnson” in the Halo Reach machinima mini-series, Squadron 1337.

Favorite Games: 1. Halo: Combat Evolved, 2. Red Alert 2, 3. The Last of Us, 4. Mass Effect (series), 5. Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

Follow on Twitter: @Davidknightwolf

Adam PahorAdamPahor

Podcast Personality

Adam is a Sony-man, loud and proud. His earliest gaming memory  had to have been playing Sonic the Hedgehog in his brother’s room on his Sega Genesis. He currently works two jobs: one as a grocery clerk and the other as a millwright apprentice. Like his best buddy David Penny, Adam likes to indulge in metal core-style, post-hardcore and the occasional dubstep track. Adam provides the voice of “Higgins” in the Halo Reach machinima mini-series, Squadron 1337.

Favorite Games: 1. Call of Duty (series), 2. God of War (series), 3. Assassin’s Creed (series), 4. Goldeneye 007, 5. Dragon Age 2


Other Contributors:

Jessica KanagalingamJessicaKanagalingam

3D Animation Artist

Jess is a 3D Animation student at Humber College, and makes cartoons on her Youtube channel, “JessTheNoob”. Her earliest memory of gaming involves the Ninja Turtles on the Sega Genesis. When she’s not busy making animations, she also works at a catering company. She is also a huge Doctor Who fangirl.

Favorite Games: 1. Metal Gear Solid (series), 2. Final Fantasy (series), 3. Assassin’s Creed (series), 4. Kingdom Hearts (series), 5. Dragon’s Dogma

Follow on Twitter: @JessTheNoob


Jared Crispin JaredCrispin

Podcast Personality

Jared is a frequent guest contributor to both Comic Soup and the Stardust Drive Podcast. He is hoping to one day record a game of Outlast with the guys, but who knows when that’s gonna happen.

Follow on Twitter: @jaredcrispin


Mark FreitasMarkFreitas

Podcast Personality

Mark loves the Toronto Maple Leafs and wrestling. That’s all you really need to know about the guy.

Follow on Twitter: @MarkFreitas4


Cameron Franks CameronFranks

Video Content Editor

Cameron is hardcore into the PC gaming, in between doing triathlons and attending University for Culture, Communications and Information Technology. His earliest gaming memory goes as far back as age 5, while sitting on his father’s lap and watching him pwn nubs in Unreal Tournament. Cameron has much experience in video editing, photo editing, and audio editing, as most of the work he does at school pertains to photoshop/video edit/podcast creation, etc.

Favourite Games: 1: World of Warcraft,  2: Dota 2,  3: Unreal Tournament (Series),  4: Guild Wars 2,  5: Diablo II



Eric WickhamEricWickham

Podcast Contributor / Writer

Eric is a features and news writer for Stardust Drive Productions and also a guest contributor on the Stardust Drive Podcast. He has written and been an on-air reporter for a number of media outlets, including the Nonprofit Report, The Big Easy, Part-Time Party Time and ficksTV. He is currently studying Journalism at Humber College.

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  1. hi im a friend of carter. i was wondering if i could write reviews for movies (past, present, and future) on your website. if you accept me to write reviews could you possible tell me how to get started and the do(s) and don’t(s) you would like me to have in the content of my reviews. thank you.

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