SD Podcast: Episode 23 Highlights

John Marston can’t swim, and neither can his son apparently. William has a secret superhero name, and April Fool’s Day is the worst holiday on the planet, according to one co-host. Here are the newest video highlights from Episode 23 of the Stardust Drive Podcast.

William gets fooled (PRE-SHOW)

William, the Iron Fist William

Swimming 101 with absent father John Marston

Stardust Drive Podcast Episode #24: The Fifty Shades of Blue Podcast

We have a nice variety on this podcast. We discuss new teasers for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Guitar Hero Live, as well as share our opinions on the indie game market, Youtube paywalls, and Paper Mario.

Host: William Kee
Co-Hosts: Carter Kee, Anthony Cusimano, Chris Kuzmin
Audio Mixer: William Kee
Editor: William Kee


-CoD Black Ops 3 teaser revealed?

-Guitar Hero reboot teaser revealed and Rock Band 4 announced…Is 2015 the year of the return of rhythm games?

-WILLIAM DISCUSSION: the indie game market…with indie games so cheap, would you ever consider adding more indie titles to your Xbox or PlayStation libraries? So long as you have the online capabilities to purchase said games?

-ANTHONY DISCUSSION: Game that you want to play again but can’t because you’re stuck at a section

-Paying for Youtube: the next experiment in the TV resolution (CBC article)

Stardust Drive Podcast Episode #23: The Iron Fist Podcast

William has been back from the land of Cuba for more than a month now, and rejoins Carter and Anthony to discuss a hearty helping of Nintendo-related news.

Host: William Kee
Co-Hosts: Carter Kee, Anthony Cusimano
Audio Mixer: William Kee
Editor: William Kee


  • What’s games/movies/television/comics and/or books have you been partaking in?
  • Nintendo Direct reaction
  • Nintendo making the move to smartphones

SD Podcast: Episode 22 Highlights

We’ve got 5 new podcast highlights for you, including William doing his best impression of Anthony, Anthony discussing a sarcastic compliment made to him by a Magic: The Gathering player, and whether or not Gorons or Gorgons are the same thing to the minds of interneters.

(PRE-SHOW) Choke, Choke

Split her like an atom

Splinter Twin

Gorgons or Gorons?

The Library Policeman

SD Podcast: Episode 21 Highlights

We’ve got seven new podcast highlights for you. The guys discussing Rockstar’s The Warriors video game and the movie, including an interesting infinite money glitch. Carter unboxes the New Nintendo 3DS XL, and Anthony tells a very strange bus stop story.

Chris’ obnoxious guitar solos 

The Sloth 

Anthony’s bus stop story 

Billion-dollar cash register 

Discussing The Warriors 

Yellow Pikmin Suicide Squad 

Carter unboxes the New Nintendo 3DS XL